in [verse], a new event project starting march 14th*

in [verse]: poetic alterations of the world around us

farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers, invites you to converge with us for in[verse]ment of ideas about art and public space.

art as it usually is not – spontaneous, ephemeral, anonymous, and accessible. public space – not passively passed through, but a place to creatively contribute.

to participate:

send instructions for a poetic alteration that can be performed by others (sometimes called an event score) to

these can be written either after or before your own performance, depending when your concept becomes clear. please also let us know if you’d like to be linked on our contributors page.

instructions will be compiled at

in the spirit of collectivity, performance of any and all alterations by all and any one is encouraged. share results and reflections from your mark making experience with #artinverse.

we’ll begin posting scores march 14th and continue – until south becomes north or we run out of words, whichever comes first.


*but first rewind the tape back
to the places you pass on the
way to where you go

play them forward looking
at the time you spend in motion
as a state of inspiration

what’s around you as
a space for making marks
leaving traces of your thought

with questioned boundaries
in response to your surroundings
act on any everything

inversed norms and expectations
art as impulsed intuition for the
many sense public domain


exquisite corpse mail art experiment

in conjunction with (re)solve, and as part of our ongoing effort to rethink the ways in which artworks are made and distributed, farmhouse art collective is hosting an exquisite corpse mail art experiment.

artists of all kinds and in all locations worldwide are invited to participate by contributing a page to one of several handmade accordion books that are now in circulation. once a book is completed, we’ll make digital copies of the corpse available to each participant.

how it works:

it’s easy to get involved – just email us at the farmhouse with ‘exquisite corpse’ in the subject line and include your mailing address. we’ll let you know when a book is on its way to you. once it arrives, you’ll pick up where the previous artist left off by adding images and text.

complete your section of the book within 3 days of receiving it, and email us at the farmhouse when you’re done. we’ll respond with the address of the next artist on the list so you can mail it on to them.


of the two common varieties of exquisite corpse – visual and poetic – we’d like to suggest a combination of the two. simply continue some of the lines drawn and words written on the previous page.

it’s much more fun if each person only sees a portion of the page before theirs, so we’re counting on you to refold the book and conceal the earlier pages before sending it to the next artist.

if you’re interested in making an accordion for the project, let us know! the wonderful part is you’ll get to keep the finished book at the end of the experiment.

open call for new upcoming event

a farmhouse art collective multi-location event
february 19½ + infinity

experiments in purposeful and arbitrary-ness
collapsing the barrier between art and life

about the event:

in a world in which x is the norm, ever stop to wonder y ? farmhouse art collective invites you to counteract the z of modern living through collaborations in experiential art.

consider the constants in your life: how you move through space, the use of language.
social ritual, routine. what you carry with you and what you leave behind.

now think of them as variables. for every a you encounter, (re)solve for b.
invert and repeat until you find another way.

to participate:

send an event score* that addresses the theme to

*an event score is a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be preformed. the act of performing the score results in an experience that is the artwork.

we will begin posting selected scores to the farmhouse website on february 19½ for their infinite multiplication.

related tangents:

in conjunction with (re)solve, our revamped dead drop art exchange continues. we are also hosting exquisite corpse projects by mail, rethinking how artworks are made and distributed.

if you are interested in creating a drop location or would like to be part of our mail art experiment, please mention it in your submission and include your mailing address.

more information at

call for event scores

farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers, invites you to converge with us for an experiment in experiential art. our first-ever virtual event will feature anyone and everywhere performances based on the theme of stranger in a stranger land.

to participate:

send an event score (a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be performed) that addresses the theme to we will begin posting scores on the farmhouse website at midnight on 10.11.12 and continue indefinitely.

perform any or all of the scores, or as many as you can. document your experience, with words or with audio or pictures, if you like.

as with all creative processes, artifacts will inevitably be generated. perhaps poetry scribbled on napkins, or half eaten sandwiches. blurry photographs, or thoughts that snowball into something you never would have made before setting off on this adventure.

exchange them at one of our forthcoming dead drop locations, or send them to us and we’ll do something cool with them.

we’re also in the process of archiving scores from the past three events, so send them our way, too, if you’ve been with us from the beginning.

here’s to life as art.


10.11.12 + indefinitely

upcoming event

farmhouse art collective is pleased to announce that plans are underway for our inaugural multi-location event. stranger in a stranger land, an experiment in creative behavior modification for everyday living, is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of october 12th. stay tuned for … Continue reading