call for event scores

farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers, invites you to converge with us for an experiment in experiential art. our first-ever virtual event will feature anyone and everywhere performances based on the theme of stranger in a stranger land.

to participate:

send an event score (a set of instructions for a meaningful action to be performed) that addresses the theme to we will begin posting scores on the farmhouse website at midnight on 10.11.12 and continue indefinitely.

perform any or all of the scores, or as many as you can. document your experience, with words or with audio or pictures, if you like.

as with all creative processes, artifacts will inevitably be generated. perhaps poetry scribbled on napkins, or half eaten sandwiches. blurry photographs, or thoughts that snowball into something you never would have made before setting off on this adventure.

exchange them at one of our forthcoming dead drop locations, or send them to us and we’ll do something cool with them.

we’re also in the process of archiving scores from the past three events, so send them our way, too, if you’ve been with us from the beginning.

here’s to life as art.



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