in [verse], a new event project starting march 14th*

in [verse]: poetic alterations of the world around us

farmhouse art collective, a divergent group of artists and thinkers, invites you to converge with us for in[verse]ment of ideas about art and public space.

art as it usually is not – spontaneous, ephemeral, anonymous, and accessible. public space – not passively passed through, but a place to creatively contribute.

to participate:

send instructions for a poetic alteration that can be performed by others (sometimes called an event score) to

these can be written either after or before your own performance, depending when your concept becomes clear. please also let us know if you’d like to be linked on our contributors page.

instructions will be compiled at

in the spirit of collectivity, performance of any and all alterations by all and any one is encouraged. share results and reflections from your mark making experience with #artinverse.

we’ll begin posting scores march 14th and continue – until south becomes north or we run out of words, whichever comes first.


*but first rewind the tape back
to the places you pass on the
way to where you go

play them forward looking
at the time you spend in motion
as a state of inspiration

what’s around you as
a space for making marks
leaving traces of your thought

with questioned boundaries
in response to your surroundings
act on any everything

inversed norms and expectations
art as impulsed intuition for the
many sense public domain


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