In the spirit of creativity, the farmhouse art collective was formed to promote the creation and experience of artworks in a community setting with the goal of collapsing the barrier between art and life. The FAC was born in the spring of 2012 when a small group of artists desired to create and share works of non-traditional art without the bureaucracy of the formal gallery setting. The FAC wanted a venue that was immediate and unbound, so they invited others to exhibit at the farmhouse and surrounding two acres that had been their home for many years.


After the formation of the collective, the FAC hosted three events that explored art as action, as well as performance and installation art, and creative conversations about what art is and what it could be. Though its founding members have moved away from the property where it began, this has not stopped them from continuing their creative practices and the collective lives on. Please check back every so often to learn more about the past and future events of the farmhouse art collective.


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  1. I am extremely happy to see that this site went up. It is quite depressing not having anybody at the Farmhouse that can hold more of the amazing gatherings that took place over the past few months. Even though we are all spread across the country, i do hope to see something more come from this collective in the future and am extremely excited to be part of it.

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