dead drop

updated: 2/11/13

scroll down for drop locations


In conjunction with the farmhouse art collective’s inaugural multi-location event,

stranger in a stranger land, you are invited to participate in an anonymous art

exchange. Boxes where artworks can be dropped off and picked up will be placed in

hidden locations by local facilitators. Artists can participate in the exchange by

visiting for cities and locations for the

dead drops. Each dead drop posting on the site will have clues about its exact location.

ex.. Tampa Fl, On the corner of Stranger Street and Inconlusion Ave. “Look for a flood drain

and a street light.”


The exchange will begin at 6am on 10/19/12 and continue until the end of time, or

until the location is compromised, whichever comes first. Keep in mind the dead

drops might not last long, as persons uninformed or hostile could find them and

confiscate the work.

Choose a dead drop location at

Find the dead drop, trade your piece for one in the drop box

For art work size limitations visit and look at

the drop specs.

Interested in creating a dead drop location?

Contact us at

drop # 1

– Tampa Fl.  on the corner of Cass & Gilchrist. look for a building, and find the three circles. be sure to check under the orange.

drop #2

-Tampa Fl.  Take a stroll down the hillsborough river thruway with a view of downtown. find the outdoor theater venue. facing away from the water find the steps with a broken base.

drop #3

ybor city, tampa fl.  HCC visual art department. look for die cut concrete.

drop # 4

created on 12/26/12
Boston MA.
altoid tin. MFA T Stop. wont last long

drop # 5

baltimore, md
2.25 x 3.5 inch candy tin with rounded corners.
kittery & cold spring. inside, by the dead trees.

drop # 6

baltimore, md
2.25 x 3.5 inch candy tin with rounded corners.
howard & north. inside, between the flammables and the fire door.



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