in [verse]

poem for winter landscape

create objects resembling leaves from a material of your choice. attempt to re-leaf a small tree by tying them onto bare branches.

when you can no longer feel your fingers, choose to:

a. succeed despite the elements working against you
b. abandon your efforts, accepting all things happen when they’re meant to

a’s without q’s

anticipate a likely question
answer it without being asked

Muffling walk

Spend any amount of time you wish wearing earplugs,
be sure to do this while walking from one location to another.
now listen.
Decide to make these moments matter.

inverse laundry

set up a clothesline in front of your home for hanging dirty clothes*

sprinkle with soap and wait for rain

*bonus points for arranging them in the colors of the rainbow


make a soundtrack to play softly and always around you.

adjust the volume so it can be heard at the same distance that others can smell your perfume.


Choose a day in the near future.
Take an hour-by-hour inventory of your activities on your chosen day.
Now choose another day in the further future.
On your chosen day repeat your inventory in reverse.

additive ritual

choose a structure you pass by frequently – a particular sign or fence or door or bench that seems relevant.

make a certain kind of mark on it whenever you pass by – a smallish something glued or tied or penned or wired.

in case of interference, adapt your process or location and repeat – the performance ends when you reach critical mass.

trading up

take a small object that’s unlikely to be missed* from a place you often are.
repeat each time you’re there, til a satisfying number has been reached.
alter each object in some poetic way, one at a time or all at once.
return them as a group to the place where they came from.

*hint – you can’t steal it if it’s free.

allowing loiter

find a place in your city that strikes your fancy.
Make sure this location doesn’t have a sign prohibiting loitering.
spend time standing around this location, doing nothing other than soaking in the experience.

in case of revolution

decide now what it is you live for, and what you’re willing to die for.

something shared
(to be completed with a significant other or willing creative partner)

proceed out into your city at dusk, walk your usual path. along the way spy a hidden spot amongst the surrounding urban environment. tuck your partner and yourself into your spot and kiss.

colorful language

reclaim an offensive word or phrase, make it nice and be empowered

paint it huge in vibrant hues, perhaps strewn with hearts and flowers

variation – use imagery instead of words


think about someone you’ve lost.
search for someone with the same name.
continue as if they still exist.


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