stranger in a stranger land

Allegory Map

Allegory – a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms: figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.
-A symbolical narrative: the allegory of Piers Plowman.

I have always been a stranger in a strange land.
Where we are right now.             Stranger than you     can even imagine.

•    Use whatever materials you like as long as it leaves behind a visible trace.  Pencil and paper are a good way to begin but you can use images from the internet, magazines, paint, or even dirt. There are no rules to materials.
•    Begin at right Now.  Start in the center. Show us Now.
•    Now move out.  Show me Tomorrow.
•    Move back and show us Yesterday.
•    Look at Tomorrow.  Now change it and make it better.
•    Look back at Now.  Set down your materials and go.

laying low for a while

  1. get a hold of a topographical map.
  2. find the lowest lying area within a 83 mile radius
  3. plan a day to go there.
  4. once there find a flat open area and lay down for a while.
  5. watch the world around you.
  6. explore the places and people
  7. return home in the evening.

trust becomes you

trade places with someone you trust for a day
cell phone
car keys
residence     and
other items as agreed upon by participants

at the end of the day
decide to:
continue where you are
return to where you were     or
be somewhere in between

untitled score

attend an event
hosted by a group you don’t
identify with.

fail at fitting in but find
joy in awkwardness.

Seismic Study
for string quartet
in a motorhome

Place your bow on the strings
as a seismograph needle.
Let yourself be carried by all
the imperfections of the road
turns and other excesses.

The sounds you play will be
the results of the trip.

suggested route: up
a pass in the mountains.

event score

start with a postage envelope
address it home
include a return address that critically considers your identity and location
step outside
pack the envelope with the following samples:
1 unit of stuff from the ground
1 unit of stuff in the air
1 strand of your own hair (if you have no hair on your head you may extract a strand from elsewhere on the body)
3 sounds, rendered as necessary

seal envelope and affix proper postage
WALK to the nearest postal box and
send it home for analysis and archive

anticipatory haiku

meditate on interactions
you’re likely to have
with strangers
or acquaintances
in the near future.

encounters for which
it would be nice
to have a poem
already written
as a kind gesture.

once you’ve found
the right words
write them down
giving thought to
their aesthetic appeal.

carry them with you
like presents for
unknown recipients
for when such
situations arise.


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