exquisite corpse mail art experiment

in conjunction with (re)solve, and as part of our ongoing effort to rethink the ways in which artworks are made and distributed, farmhouse art collective is hosting an exquisite corpse mail art experiment.

artists of all kinds and in all locations worldwide are invited to participate by contributing a page to one of several handmade accordion books that are now in circulation. once a book is completed, we’ll make digital copies of the corpse available to each participant.

how it works:

it’s easy to get involved – just email us at the farmhouse with ‘exquisite corpse’ in the subject line and include your mailing address. we’ll let you know when a book is on its way to you. once it arrives, you’ll pick up where the previous artist left off by adding images and text.

complete your section of the book within 3 days of receiving it, and email us at the farmhouse when you’re done. we’ll respond with the address of the next artist on the list so you can mail it on to them.


of the two common varieties of exquisite corpse – visual and poetic – we’d like to suggest a combination of the two. simply continue some of the lines drawn and words written on the previous page.

it’s much more fun if each person only sees a portion of the page before theirs, so we’re counting on you to refold the book and conceal the earlier pages before sending it to the next artist.

if you’re interested in making an accordion for the project, let us know! the wonderful part is you’ll get to keep the finished book at the end of the experiment.


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